Shadydale Community Development Inc.


Shadydale Community Development Corporation is a Northeast Houston faith based organization committed to enhancing the lives of children and adults.


People helping people by creating a safe haven through educational, cultural, social and spiritual means.


We have what it takes to help turn around a generation.


Contact Us

Shadydale Community Development Inc.

4626 Tronewood Street, Houston, Texas 77016-4453

(713) 631-5767 Office ~ (713) 491-7505 Facsimile

Shadydale Community Development Inc.



Darius W. Miller, President

Kenneth Perkins, Vice-President

Joyce M. Alexander, Secretary

Ira J. Robinson, Assistant Secretary

Angel Williams, Treasurer

Tyrrell Wilson, Board Member

Nehemiah Newman, Board Member

Linda J. Greer, Board Member

Nichelle Davis, Board Member

Clarence Landry, Advisor

Saundra McNeese, Advisor




The New Liberty Group of Cocaine Anonymous

Every Tuesday Night at 6:30 PM

Contact Saundra at 832-647-3996

Or Ron at 832-814-8521

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